You Need To Let Go Of a Bad Relationship

Published: 25th February 2010
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Why is it so hard to let go of someone when the relationship is so bad? Why do we stay in it or even hang on to it for months or even years when we know that it's not healthy for us to do so?

Sometimes it feels like they have some sort of spell over us that can keep us longing for them in some twisted sort of way for a long time.

We end up thinking about it all the time and feeling sad and confused about the whole situation. Fortunately if we just tune our mind to a different channel we can break that spell and get out of the relationship for good. But sometimes we need help to do so.

When you stay in a bad relationship or even still want that person back after it's over you are living in the past. When I say living in the past I mean holding on to the past with your heart and with your mind. You remember the good times and can actually feel the good times and the shared experiences which you held so dearly to your heart at that time. It's all about those feelings.

Feelings are the most powerful things in the universe. If you truly feel like you can't live without being around a person than your mind will align itself with your feelings and think that there's no other way to live then without that person. At this point it consumes your whole body and before you know it you're aching for this person and start to become dysfunctional without them. The thing is you are forgetting that there's a reason you wanted to leave the person in the first place, something that outweighs the good memories and the fun times.

No relationship should have a constant bad part to it. If you have a problem it should be able to be resolved and moved on from. If that can't be achieved then you will live with that problem for the rest of your life. A good relationship is a happy relationship, one where you feel safe with the other person and trust them with all your heart. You can tell them anything and vice versa. They don't criticize your or expect anything from you other than being yourself.

They accept you for who you are. When those things are not present you are not in a healthy relationship.

Unhealthy relationships can affect your physical health, your mental health, your appearance, your work, and you relationships with other people including your friends and family. If there is a disruption or bad area in your life it can't help but spill over into every other area of your life as well because it's a part of who you are.

Life is meant to be happy and joyful and every person deserves to feel that happiness and joy. Sometimes when you stay in a bad relationship for too long you lose that happiness and joy and attach yourself to a feeling that your life doesn't deserve to have those positive feelings in it, but it does.

Let go of that bad relationship and life the happy, healthy, and positive life that you deserve.

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